Define Your Risk Tolerance 

Through a series of questions utilizing industry leading software called Riskalyze, we will determine your risk tolerance, which is the amount of risk an investor is comfortable taking or the degree of uncertainty an investor is able to handle.  Riskalyze will generate your risk tolerance number somewhere between 1-99 based on how you answer the questions.  We will then analyze your current portfolio to determine if the risk tolerance number of your portfolio is aligned with how you answered the risk questions.  

Investing feels broken for the average investor and subjective risk semantics like “aggressive” and “moderately conservative” don’t help.  We will instead generate your unique risk number.  We believe having this number is better at helping you understand the degree of risk in your portfolio than the standard five investment models: conservative, moderately conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive and aggressive.  

I’ll either show you that you are invested wrong or prove to you that you are invested right.  

Understand Your Risk Numbers 

Once we determine your risk number, we’ll run your portfolio through a series of simulations called Portfolio Stress Tests.  This will accomplish two things: 

  1. See if your risk tolerance that we determined matches the risk present in your current portfolio. 
  2. Create hypothetical market reactions to see how your current portfolio reacts.


We’ll determine if your stocks are faily valued, overvalued, or undervalued and have an honest discussion on how the future of each stock looks.  


We’ll look at each bond company’s credit rating and see how strong the company or entity backing them is.  

See a Side-By-Side Fund Comparison 

We utilize a variety of rating companies to allow you to visualize where your funds are ranked in each asset class and sector.  You will learn how your funds compare to the funds that are rated highest in their class.  


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I believe in a comprehensive approach to financial planning and I'm a firm believer in diversification. As an independent financial planner, I am not limited to the products and services of any one company, I can truly shop the market and present my clients with the best options in the marketplace. I make sure my clients are informed, educated, and then advised, so they can make the right choices regarding their financial future.


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Edward was a paid speaker at the 2017 CFD Spring Advisor Conference.  This conference was for financial advisors only. Below is a fifteen minute clip from his one hour presentation that will give you an idea of how he designs portfolios.  

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